Sunday, May 1, 2011

What Zev is up to...

While he is adjusting to life with a little brother, Zev is also still busy being Zev. We found a model car that I gave to Ari when we were in high school. Zev decided to play with it. I told him I would carry it into the bathroom for him, and when he showed up a minute behind me, he came prepared with tools.

He is Mr. Fix-it lately.

Give Zev a screwdriver, and he can fix anything.

After he fixed up his car, he decided he should help me put my makeup on. He hates it when I put the stuff up where he can't reach, so next thing I know, he had a solution.

Zev is getting too smart for me.

During this time, Tahl ate, used the bathroom, and slept. This mostly all he does so far, but he does it very cutely.

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