Monday, May 23, 2011


Zev is loving his new presents. Here he is wearing his hat!

We tried it on Tahl too.

It's a little big.

Uncle Scott got Zev an Elmo that uses the potty. This is just the toy that I always dreamed of... Zev likes it though!

He LOVES his new legos from Buby and Buster. He likes to build houses and little flower gardens.

Zev has been grilling outside a bunch.

He also enjoys pushing his new wheelbarrow.

We've also been reading tons of new books and stamping with Zev's new stamps. We are having tons of fun with all these new ways to spend our time! Thanks to everyone who gave Zev a gift!

Here is a cute little picture of Zev napping... Think he has enough things to snuggle with?

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