Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Zev is two today! The picture paparazzi have been following him from morning to nap time...

Here he is when he woke up. We came in singing happy birthday. He said, "No!" Then we said, "Yeah! You are two!" to which he responded, "No!" Then we asked if he wanted out of bed, and he said, "No!" I would say welcome to two, but we have been here for a little while...

We put this little guy in bed with Zev, and he wanted right out...
Yes, Zev does always sleep with his bed this crowded with toys. He throws them out sometimes, but we can't convince him to not start with them all in there, and he seems comfy, so it isn't worth a fight...

The morning kept going well. He wanted to wear his pajamas to school. He ended up in his new birthday shirt from Grandma Dee and Grandpa George. It was purple with a horse, so he loved it. Purple is currently Zev's favorite color.

We went off to school for the end of the year party/ Zev's birthday! Here Zev is admiring his birthday cookie cake.

Two candles!

Zev loves blowing out candles. He did not love everyone singing to him. Zev also threw a big fit when he ran out of cookie cake. I told him I feel the same way...

This is what Tahl did while Zev blew out his candles. His skin is clearing up some as you can see.

Zev passed out some of his extra puppy dog birthday hats.

Then the class went outside to play.

After we left school, we went to the mall with my mom to play and eat lunch.

Zev loves climbing and playing. Here he noticed he was in the water.

So, he pretended to splash in it...

and stomp his feet in the puddle. His favorite episode of Sesame Street ("Elmo!") is one where Elmo stomps in puddles and plays in the rain. It is my favorite too because Cookie Monster sings "It's Raining Cookies".

This last picture is just to show off our fancy ride. We love it. Thanks again Tova, Brad, Rachel, Zach, Oren, Lindsay, Karen, and Gregg!

If we get any more great birthday pictures, we will post them up.

We are so happy that Zev is two. He is growing every day. He gets sweeter and sassier at the same time, and he is just so smart and funny. We are, as are most parents, completely in love with him. Ari and I cannot imagine our lives with out this extremely silly guy.

We love you Zev!

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