Monday, May 23, 2011

Puppy Paw-ty!

On Saturday, we had Zev's second birthday party. It was a puppy "paw-ty"!

Here is his bowl of dog food cake...

We had yummy food.

We had treats served in dog bowls and bone shaped sandwiches.

All the kids got a puppy hat as their party favor.

We made dog puppets for an activity.

Lots of kids just wanted to play in the playroom!

Zev just wanted to eat. I think he found something my dad dropped here...

All ready for the party!

Zev with Pops, his favorite person of the day.

Zev and Kade made art projects.

Tahl mostly slept.

He did hang out with Gram and Pops.

Here is Zev blowing out his candle.

He then dipped the dog food (cereal) in the frosting.

He was a big fan.

Here is one of Zev's friends playing "put the nose on the dog."

Zev's turn.

Next, we opened presents!

Zev loved all his presents, but he wanted to wear this hat right away.

His friends helped him open.

Last, here he is trying to carry away a bunch of presents in his new wheelbarrow.

Zev had so much fun. He ate and ate, and he loved all his gifts! We were so thankful to everyone who came to celebrate Zev! We can't wait to do a joint Zev and Tahl party next year!

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