Saturday, October 1, 2011


We went to the zoo yesterday with a friend. She has a membership that allows for free pony rides and free visits to feed the birds. (Thanks Heather!) I have never let Zev ride the pony at the zoo before (...sorry mom...), but now that he has already ridden several times at school over the summer, I thought he would like to do it again.

He was very serious the whole time. He did not want to talk to me, and he did not want to say "Ye-haw!"

He did really like it though.

After riding the horses, we went to feed the birds. While we were in there, Zev fell into a BIG puddle. I had an extra shirt, but no extra pants. I told him "wet pants or no pants?" As you can see, he chose no pants.

Mr. No Pants got a very good look at the cheetah. I know I say this every time, but he is getting more and more interested in the animals. We have been watching "Go, Diego, Go!" so I think that is increasing his animal interest level.

Tahl did GREAT at the zoo! He didn't fuss, he nursed while Zev was looking at the ducks, and then he actually fell asleep in his stroller right when we were on our way out.

This last one isn't at the zoo. It was taken in my room right after Tahl peed on my bed! I gave him a bath in my room after he did that, and instead of brushing his hair down, I just mussed it up. This is what he ended up with. I think he might have curly hair!!!

We all had so much fun at the zoo. We are thinking about going back tomorrow with Ari. Zev has never riden the monorail, so we'd like to do a few things we need a second grown up for.

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