Saturday, March 31, 2012

School this month...

Here is Zev at school cooking with his teachers.

all dressed up for Purim

He and his friend Jack were both dresses as a fire man.

Since these are pictures of the last few months, here we have more pictures of Zev making matzah.

He was so proud of his matzah. He unfortunately decided not to let me taste any. He was too excited to eat it all himself.

Here he is playing blocks in his newly refurbished classroom. He was excited to move back to his old room after a few months in a smaller room while his was redone.

Traveling a little further back in time, here he is playing in the sand with his friend Elliott.

Listening to Miss Laura.

I think they were sampling different things that grow on trees.

Here he is in his discovery class.

Hiding on the playground
I love that his teachers take pictures, so I can see what he is up to and share them.

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