Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I was so excited to go to the zoo with Mom and Kade this week because they have just opened a new koala exhibit! Koalas were my favorite as a kid, so I was really looking forward to this.

Here are Z and K looking at a bird.

Z brought his binoculars to see everything.

He really liked the monkeys on this trip, but sadly I don't think the koalas were quite active enough for him yet.

They mostly just sleep in the trees...

This one did wake up to make some noises. We couldn't really hear him though because the glass must be thick to protect them from our noise.

Me and my guys

Here I am with all three boys, we had lots of fun looking at animals, eating, and playing on the playground.

This is actually this morning! The Disney store at our mall was giving away free ears to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Tahl kept them on a little, but he mostly wanted to pull them off and then bang them on his head to try to put them back.
He did think they were delicious to chew on though.

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