Monday, March 26, 2012

Afternoon fun

Ari needed to do some work in the front yard, so the boys and I thought it would be fun to join him. We set up the water table out there and busted out the sunscreen for the first time this year.

Tahl started off having fun at the water table.

He did some quality splashing.

He then, in true Tahl fashion, decided it would be more fun to crawl around and get muddy while trying to eat leaves without getting caught.

Zev was busy filling up his cup and dumping it.

I think he did get a good dump or two in on Tahl's head.

Tahl tried to crawl through the ground cover to get over to Ari.

So I decided to take him out on Zev's old bike to get him out of trouble. He LOVED it. He looks very chubby in this picture...

This is a little more what he looks like. He is still got a fair bit of mud on him.

This video is only for the true Tahl fan. You don't get to see his face much, but you can hear his happy noises and see his pointing.

I went to the movies with a friend later that night, and Ari shot this video. Excuse Tahl's mis-matched pjs, he had a spill. He is tying so hard to get that hat on his head.

Tahl is at the most fun age for pictures and videos. He is also just so happy now. I feel so lucky with him.

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