Monday, March 12, 2012


Lately, Zevi is TWO, TWO, TWO... with all the good and bad that number implies. He has been having lots of fun. His pretending has improved more, and we have lots of fun playing.

Here he is feeding a baby cow at a birthday party.

Wearing his cowboy hat the usual way right?

This week is spring break, so we are trying to do one thing from pinterest each day. Here is Zev eating the toast he painted before we made it.

I put a little butter and vanilla sugar on it too. He said it was yummy.

His painted toast covered him with crumbs.

Here he is in Tahl's car seat. He climbed in and told me he was a baby zoo keeper.

Then he climbed in the bottom of the stroller and told me it was his bed.

I think he likes it in there.

Here are some other funny moments from his week.:
1. I went into his room after his "rest time" yesterday, and he was completely naked. I asked him why, and he told me, "I'm playing bath tub!" I then noticed he had a towel next to him, and he was playing with a few bath tub toys. Apparently he was going for the realistic take on this game. Did I mention he had all his blinds open?

2. He now consults his iPhone (or hand in his case) and he will tell me the weather looks nice for a walk. He moves his finger across it like a smart phone.

3. Last week was Purim. Zev LOVED the hamantashen they made at school. He kept telling me "I hungry for a hamantashen!" over and over. I told him I didn't have any, and then I pulled out a letter from his back pack about a case of strep throat in his class. I read it, and I said, "oh no," to which he replied, "OH NO! It says no more hamantashen?" He was so sad!

On the harder side of two, Zev is having a very jealous week. He continues to tell me that "I no love Tahli", or "I don't want Tahli in our family." He will tell me that I don't have room for him in my heart, and that I should only love him not any other boys. He also acts out his jealousy with aggression towards Tahl. Zev is just all around full of defiance and limit testing for the last few weeks. Please pray for my patience, especially during spring break!

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