Saturday, March 31, 2012

Egg Hunt

My mommy group did an egg hunt this weekend, so I decided to take the boys. They had a lot of fun. Here is Tahl finding his first egg.

He probably would have been happy to just keep this one and shake it.

It had some candy in it that made a nice noise.

I convinced him to crawl along to look for another egg.
He was happy to find another one. Zev thought maybe he should take them from him though...
I tried to get a picture of the two of them, but this was the best one I got.

Next it was time for the big kids' egg hunt. Zev knew exactly what to do.

He was on the look out.

This is when I asked him to say cheese.

We forgot a basket, and we borrowed this monster from a friend.

Zev was using it like a purse.

He couldn't wait to get to open his eggs. He then feasted on candy and cookies.

After the big event, we ate some real food, and then we went to play on the playground.

Tahl loved the swings as always. He was playing with my friend's two year old, giving him high fives and being silly.

After this busy day, Tahl worked up a big appetite for dinner! He made quite the mess...

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