Monday, March 12, 2012

11 months!

Here he is! My favorite 11 month old in the world!

Tahl has been sick this weekend, and he is still sweet and loving. He had a 102 temperature and a sore throat when I took this picture.

Tahl is eating and eating all day long.

He loves exploring new things and new places, like this soft chair.

He is really into me and Ari right now. He does not want strangers picking him up. He is funny because he wants to look at people and flirt, but if they get to interested back, then he gets a little scared. He will put his head down on my shoulder and hide.

He still loves to read and play toys.

Here he is doing a little of that flirting.

And some of that exploring...

Wow! A new shower curtain!

Here is playing playing with his brother. The more Zev bothers him, the more Tahl just seems to want to touch him and play with him. It's like a challenge.

Tahl has three words, mama, dada, and na na na na, which means NO! He has also already been seen throwing a little fit or two complete with kicking on the floor. He is cruising around, and he likes to walk pushing things. We just moved him into a big car seat. I can't believe he is almost one!

We love you Tahli!


  1. Zev is such a great mixture of the two of you, but these pics of tahl look just like your husband! Cute! And I read the post about zev acting TWO...we are in the same boat! Testing limits is my child's middle name! Hang in there :)

  2. Wow! I can't believe our babies are getting so old!!! Mostly I have thought Tahl looks like himself, but he really looks like Zev to me in a couple of those photos—especially the flirty one! Love to you guys. Wish Devyn and Tahl could come to each others' birthday parties!