Monday, October 17, 2011

School this Month...

For Yom Kippur the kids talked about erasing their sins. They drew on these coffee filters.

Here the kids are with Miss Laura washing them away.

More washing.

Here is Zev getting his picture taken.

Here is Zev sitting in Miss Tammy's lap. They were smelling things and trying to guess what they were.

He painted these packing bubbles and then pressed them to the paper to make grapes. The best part was when I picked him up from school and asked him what he did that day, he said, "paint grapes!" I usually have to ask him tons of questions, but this day he volunteered his information.

Zev loves to play in the kitchen wherever he goes.


The school is getting a new play ground. The kids love to stand outside to watch the construction.

Zev has been testing his limits at school. Hopefully it is just a phase. We are working at home on learning the rules of our house because he been really testing MY limits here. It is hard to be two.

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