Thursday, October 13, 2011


Tonight Ari, Zev, and I went on a big adventure to the Texas State fair. We left Tahl at home with Mimi because this was a special "big kid" only event.

(This is actually from yesterday.)

The first thing we did when we walked in was eat a corny dog! This was Zev's first Fletcher's corny dog, and he thought it was delicious. We also had some fried cookie dough. He said that was his favorite thing of the day.

Zev looked at all the rides and decided to go on these monster trucks. He picked the red one.

Next we went over to this little farmer exhibit.

Here is Zev as Big Tex.

The kids get to water the trees and pick fruit.

He fed the chickens and gathered eggs.

Then he rode a tractor. He actually got to have Ari push him around on one.

Next we went to see the animals. Zev got to pet a zebra. I didn't get a picture of that, but this is a kangaroo with a baby IN HER POUCH!!!

We also had to stop for our annual fair bench pictures.

It's very hard to get a smile.

The poor woman who took this picture was trying everything to get Zev to smile. This was the best picture out of ten.

Zev LOVED Texas shaped nachos. He might have gotten the idea that it is okay to just dip your finger in the leftover "cheese" from me...

Yum! Extra cheese...

Zev loved playing in the cars. He got to "drive" a race car, a minivan, and a SUV. He loved pushing all the buttons. The last thing we did before we left was get some cotton candy. I wish we had filmed Zev's first taste. He was really not sure about it, but then he quickly decided that it was delicious.

We had so much fun. I LOVE the fair. I love sharing junk food with Zev. Next year, maybe he will ride on his own and get to try more rides. I can't wait until we will bring Tahl to try his first corny dog. We have many more fun fair days to come.

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