Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Zev goes to Tyler

On Sunday Zev went to Tyler to stay with Pops, Gram, Uncle Scott, Uncle Jake, and Aunt Madi. He had SO much fun. He didn't miss us at all! Every time I called him, he would say "hi" and when I asked him what he was doing, he would tell me, "at Pops's house!" Then he would run away. By the end, he thought I was kind of crazy for not knowing where he was.

Here he is hugging Uncle Scott.

Hiding from the camera

Gram got some new toys Zev was loving.

Pops and Gram took Zev to the zoo. I heard that his favorite part was the wagon they rented.

Zev loves goats. I swear everywhere we go, he ends up with goats!

Aunt Lisa and Carter went to the zoo with everyone too.

Zev ended up with a souvenir. He loves animals, and these guys are already spread around the play room.

Here are Zev and Pops watching TV, Dora I'm sure.
Thanks so much to everyone in Tyler for taking such great care of Zev. He had so much fun, and he can't wait to go back in two weeks!

While Zev was gone, Tahl and I had a little fun too. Tahl loved our trip to grocery store.

He doesn't usually get to sit in the front seat, and apparently it is so much FUN.

Here he is with his blue berry banana face. Tahl has looooved fruits.

Last, but not least, I wouldn't say Tahl is quite "crawling" yet, but he is getting where he wants to go. He pulls, lurches, falls, and moves his knees some. Whatever he is doing, it is working somehow because I'm finding him feet from where he started playing with Lego's, TV remotes, and Zev's cars. I am going to have to start being very vigilant.

The best part is how much fun he is having. He loves tummy time!

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