Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trick or treating at the Arboretum

Today we went trick or treating at the arboretum with Mimi, Emily, Wendy, Wayne, and Grey. We had a lot of fun and we even got a few good pictures.

I'm starting with this because it is the best picture I've gotten in MONTHS.

This is really when we got there. Here is a serious doggy Tahl.

We got one picture of both boys looking at the camera.

Then Tahl got grumpy, and Zev got silly.

Baby Grey was shark!

This was the best picture I got of all 5 of us. Tahl was ready to eat. This is the best picture I got, but Emily took a few more.

This goes with Zev's picture from the top. He was climbing and really excited about it.

Zev was pretty sure that every fence there needed to be torn down. Here he is working on this one.

Zev didn't knock those pumpkins down, but only because some other two year old probably already had...


This is the best picture I got of the three of us. Of course, no one is looking.

Tahl is too busy being interested in Zev.


I didn't get any cute ones of Mimi with both boys, but here she is with Tahl.

This started off fine.

But it ended with Tahl feeling sad again. I think Zev might have been choking him.
I'm sure you can tell, but Zev busted his lip really badly in the morning before we went to the arboretum. Right after this picture, he stood up, and he busted it again on the other side.

The arboretum was REALLY tiring...
We have lots more Halloween plans including carving our pumpkin, a Halloween birthday party, and actually going trick or treating. Be on the look out for more pictures!

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  1. Love all the pictures but the first one of Zev is sooooo good! It is so hard to get a great picture of toddlers!