Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Last Friday we went to Owen's Farm with our friends Heather, Addie, and Asher. It is not the best pumpkin patch per say, but the kids had a good time. Here are Addie and Zev being flowers. Heather and I were amazed that he got in the picture!

We had fun feeding the goats, but some of them were very aggressive. They took the cup right out of Zev's hand, which really made him mad. Tahl wasn't really bothered by much of anything.

Most of all Zev loved the hay ride. He sat by Addie, instead of me, because he is getting big and independent! He seemed very pensive the whole hay ride, but after we got home, he said he wanted to go again.

Here are Addie and Asher on the hay ride. They are too sweet.

Zev also picked himself a pumpkin. He says "pun-coon". We got one for Tahl too.

On Saturday Ari and I went to a Halloween party. At noon we still had no costumes because we are procrastinators. We ended up going as nerds...

Maybe next year we will plan ahead better. Today my dad met me half way between Tyler and Dallas to pick up Zev. He is going to stay there until we meet again on Tuesday. They said he had tons of fun today and didn't miss us at all! Hopefully they will take some pictures.

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