Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yet another phone dump...

Today's phone dump is in honor of the Texas vs. OU game. Ari is currently watching Texas loose very badly as I type this...

First, here is Zev two years ago.

He was a little more photogenic than this guy (and a little bit chubbier...)

It is much harder to catch Tahl smiling. He gets very thoughtful whenever he sees a camera.

Just like this.

Zev wanted to get in on the picture taking.

I told him he had to sit right by Tahl.

This is when I asked him to hug his brother.

Thursday we went out for lunch with my mom and Wanda. I call this resulting nap, the "Mexican food coma". He is wearing his Texas shirt here a little too early. He call it his "dad's team" shirt.

Last, this is a video of Tahl's new favorite hobby. It is REALLY annoying. He loves to scream. You have to watch him because he sometimes does it and smiles like he is having fun. Usually when he does it though he is just mad. I wish he would forget how...

I guess I should go comfort poor Ari about his team's big defeat.

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