Sunday, October 2, 2011

Busy weekend

We had a very busy weekend around here. On Saturday we went to the park. Zev and Tahl did some swinging among other things.

Two guys sitting next to each other on the swings!

Zev thought it was pretty fun...

On Sunday morning we got up and headed straight for the zoo. The elephant was as close it can possibly get to us. She kept looking for snacks in the holes and drinking water with her trunk. Zev was mesmerized. I didn't think to take a picture until she had wandered off a little. Zev was too busy watching to turn around for the camera.

Ari and Tahl

Zev and the ostrich

There were two up really close.

REALLY close. Ari thought they had a moment here.
The weather was great and all the animals were really active. It was Zev's first time to see the rhino and the lamas since they were moved to new exhibits. Zev liked the lamas and said something about them "missing mama," which is a book we read.

Later that afternoon I fed Tahl some cereal. He actually ate quite a lot, and then he still cried when the bowl was empty. I decided it might be time for him to try sweet potatoes.

He liked it.

He ate the whole serving and would have happily eaten more. We will stick to sweet potatoes for a few more days, and then we will try something new.

Tahl also crawled a little today, but I wouldn't call it successful. The poor thing gets up on his hands and knees, but he can't coordinate. He moves his legs, but he doesn't move his hands so then he face plants onto the ground. He really wants to figure it out though. He's growing up so fast!

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