Tuesday, October 2, 2012

weekly pictures

Tahl is still loving reading. He also loves to sit on any stool possible.  He was reading on this stool when Zev happened to come into his room.

Of course, if Tahl was sitting there, Zev has just been wanting to sit and read there all day.

Momentary peace with Tahl pointing out the cat on every page.

Oh, that didn't last long...

Here is how two awesome guys travel at the mall.

Back on the stool, but now he's a zoo keeper.

The guys have been really into drawing outside with chalk lately.

He can smile or he can look in the camera, but don't bother trying to get both at the same time.

I was close on this one, but who would frame that weird pose?


Tahl just likes to be sure to use every color available.

Buby sent Zev a new fireman jacket that is bigger than the last one.  This works so well for us because now each boy has a jacket!

Thanks Buby and Buster!

I told Zev if he hugged Tahl I would give him a sticker.  Tahl didn't appreciate it much.

He had to rest from the tight squeeze.

Zev tried again.

Cuter picture of Zev, but no Tahl, I'm not sure I will ever get a picture of the two of them again.

I shouldn't put these up, but they always make me think of Ari.  I love it.

This "cheese" face looks like he is in pain.

Tahl would not say cheese because he was too busy making funny noises and wiggling his tounge.

Tahl is trying to get Zev to share a book about fire trucks.  Zev just gave it to him, but then Tahl didn't want it anymore.  It's never dull around here.

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  1. Zev wanting the stool just because tahl was there is SO what happens at our house. Bless the little siblings that put up with so much crap ;)