Sunday, October 28, 2012

Disney World Trip (Day 4)

Day four Goofy hug! 

Here we are waiting outside of the Animal Kingdom for Becky. He was so excited to be wearing his new Goofy shirt!

Looking at the gorillas with dad.

We went on the safari, and we had fun seeing the animals up close.

Zev likes zebras (because they start with Z), so these were especially exciting.

Zev met Chip and Dale. One of them is tickling him here.

He loved it.

Here he is meeting Goofy for the sixth and final time.

Ari said that when he walked away, Goofy turned and said "he loved me" through gestures.

Becky and Joe came to the Magic Kingdom to meet us for dinner.  We had so much fun! Zev just fell in love with Joe. He though he was hilarious. He wanted to ride Dumbo again with me and Joe.

A quick ride on the carousel again!

Becky and I at Disney World 9 years later!

Here is Zev riding the tea cups with Becky and Joe.

This was our last night of the trip. We watched the fire works again, and Zev split his time between daddy and Joe.  Joe gave Zev a very special present before we left. It is a gold medal from the Goofy marathon.  Z thinks it is amazing. Here he is in his pjs at the airport posing with it after he pretended he won it on the balance beam.
We just wanted to thank Becky again for everything.

We also want to thank my step mother Stacy for watching Tahl! She was amazing, and Tahl had the best time with her.  When he saw her on Saturday, he did not want her to go! Zev may like boys best, but Tahl loves his Gram! We love you Stacy!

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