Saturday, October 27, 2012

Disney Trip (Day 2)

We started off our second day with Goofy's morning hug. 

Then we went to the Magic Kingdom!  This was by far Zev's favorite park. Here we are together in front of the castle on our way in.

The first ride we went on was the Dumbo ride, which also happened to be Zev's favorite.  By the end of our trip, we had done it four times.

Here is a picture I took of Ari and Zev on the ride while I was up above them.

The next thing that we went on was the Goofy Barnstormer roller coaster.

Zev and I have been excited for this one for weeks.

Here we are excited before it starts.

Here he is terrified in the middle! Yikes!

 a little better...
Right after we got off, Zev asked to go again.  After the second time though he decided it was a little too scary for him. 

Here we are on the tea cups!

Much more relaxed!

We left the park in the middle of the day to eat at Chef Mickey's.

It was a LONG wait, but it was worth it to meet the characters, and the food was yummy.

 The first character we met was Goofy.  Zev had his Goofy hat and Goofy baby all ready for the big meeting.  It did still make him a little nervous though.

Our camera was on a funny setting, so the light looks weird, but this was our one and only picture time with Mickey. Zev did love meeting Mickey though, so that's what's most important right?

Zev, Ari, and Pluto - I felt like it kind of made you feel rushed that the kids at the next table were so excited and ready for their turn to meet the characters too.  It lead to some really rushed and not so good pictures.  Oh well.


Minnie! She was my favorite when I was little, so I had to be in this picture.

After lunch, we went back to Magic Kingdom.  Here are Ari and Zev on the carousel.

me and Z

We got in line to meet the Great Goofini!  Zev was a little shy again this time, but did get one good one.

He did a little better with "Donaldo".
We stayed at the park this night for the fireworks show. Zev LOVED it even more than the night before.  He was snuggling us, and he even asked us for a triangle kiss! It was probably my favorite memory of the trip!

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