Monday, October 8, 2012


We went to the zoo again this week.  Here is Zev reading his favorite word. (It's the only word he reads besides Zev.)


The boys' friend Gia playing. 

Zev and Gia were playing baby birds. 

Tahl LOVES to follow around the chickens.  Here he is chasing the rooster. 

We got to pet the snake today, and the zoo keeper even took our picture.  The guys liked this a lot. 

Riding the elephants

(while eating a snack of course)

Here Tahl is sharing his grapes with his friend Anthony. 

Zev and Anthony checking out the giraffes. 

The cheetah was very interested in the kids.  She wanted to eat Zev. 

Tahl and Zev love to ride the carousel before we go home. 

This week I tried to put Tahl on the hummingbird, but he made it very clear that was not the animal he wanted.  He chose the wolf, and Zev moved to be next to him on the rhino.  Today we saw the rhino playing with the zoo keepers and being silly. His name was Moyo, so Zev and I decided that was this rhino's name too. 


The zoo makes guys very tired.
Tomorrow we are off to play in the pumpkins!

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