Sunday, October 7, 2012

Last two weeks of school

Zev has been loving school lately.  Here is is making bread. He was so proud when he brought it home. 

Here he is drawing.

He's at the end in what appears to be a noodle horse race?

Playing with his noodle

Eating birthday cupcakes with his friends.

Zev seems to have tons of fun in music. He also seems to be doing what the rest of the class is doing, which makes me happy. 

playing the sticks

In this picture, Zev is tiny, but again, he is sitting with the class, not over in trouble by the teacher. I love to see that in a picture!

This is this week, he is cutting fruit.

drawing a self portrait

Here he is making himself an English muffin pizza.  That is a lot of sauce...

enjoying his pizza outside with friends

They were outside in the school's gazeboo. 

Another day in music with another instrument.

Paying a little bit of attention to the camera
This week we are going to the zoo, the arboretum, a park play date, and having friends over here for a Halloween play date (along with Zev being in school).  Hopefully I will get some pictures!

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