Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Celebrating Halloween all month long!

We have been busy making Halloween crafts weeks before Halloween is even close!  This is just a forest for fall, but the boys had fun making it with droppers and water with food coloring.  Tahl loves making crafts, but he is very demanding about needing more colors, NOW! 

We have been making a big Halloween window. It all started because the boys love the Raffi song "Five Little Pumpkins."  I made the Mickey/Goofy pumpkin as requested, and then each of the faces at Zev's direction as to what shapes to use.  He made the "spider" pumpkin on the end all by himself.

Tahl (with a little of my help) painted this cat.  He will NOT stop talking about it.  He is currently obsessed with cats.  On every page of Good Night Moon, he has to find the cat.  If there is no cat, he just looks at you sadly and says, "no cat... no cat".  

This is a close up of the four eyed cat Zev made all on his own. 

Zev's spider hand prints

Tahl's not so neat spider hand prints

Zev and Tahl's hand and foot print bats, mouths by Zev.

We also made a bunch of ghosts by tracing each other's feet.  Zev had to make ghosts with a Z, E, and V for their mouth. 

Here is what Tahl thought of this monkey costume I tried to put on him. 

Then at Party City, we tried on the Mickey costume in the fitting room. 

Zev happened to be a fire man, but that was just what he wore to go shopping.  I asked Tahl if he wanted to be a monkey or Mickey, and he said, "ah ah ah."  That means monkey in Tahl. 
I'm not sure if he will be a monkey, but I know he won't be Mickey. Zev is definitely going to be Goofy.  We are still working on collecting all the pieces.  Now they just have to wait 30 more days!

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