Saturday, October 27, 2012

Disney Trip ( Day 1)

We went to Disney World this past week, and we had a wonderful time. This was the first morning we were at Disney World.  Our sweet Zev woke up at FIVE IN THE MORNING.  He would not go back to sleep, and he was so excited to go to Disney World.  We got dressed, and left our room to eat breakfast. It was still dark out, but Zev had to get out of his stroller and hug this statue of Goofy! He was ecstatic to see this, and that might have been enough to make the whole trip, (before he actually saw the Magic Kingdom of course!)

Here is Zev trying hot chocolate for the first time.  His response was, "I don't like hot chocolate. I like warm chocolate."

Waiting in line for the bus for the first day.

Zev got an autograph book.  Through out the week, he got all his favorites to sign it.

The first thing he did at the Hollywood Studios was to try on a Goofy hat outside the gate. Lucky for me, he decided he liked his original one better.

Here is Zev getting picked by the claw like one of the aliens in Toy Story.

Here is Z with Buzz and Woody.  He was so excited to meet them, but when you actually get up close, they are REALLY big! He was a little nervous, and these were the first two characters he met.  This was his best picture with them because he wasn't quite ready to hug them.

We  met Mike and Sully as a family.  Still no hugs from Zev, but he did give them a few high fives.

Zev's favorite thing of the day was the Disney Junior puppet show. He fell asleep right after it.

We woke him up after a while to see the parade, and we gave him an ice cream to cheer him up.  He was still a little sleepy though.

Zev loved playing on the "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" playground.  I thought this was so much fun, and my parents have lots of pictures of Scott and I playing there when we were kids. I went down this same slide.

Here is Zev riding an ant!
We stayed late to watch the Fantasmic show at the Hollywood Studios.  Zev liked it, but his favorite part was when Goofy came out on the boat at the very end! 

Back in the bed at the hotel! He wanted to wear his Buzz and Woody pjs because he met them.  He slept really well this night and woke up refreshed for his next day at the Magic Kingdom!

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